Classy, Sassy and Republican

I only drink out of red solo cups because blue reminds me of liberals.

Sneak onto the football field ✔️
Just a trophy wife and her two best redneck friends. (at ADPi and Pi Phi swap night)

thisworldbelongs-tothedreamers said: hey girl, I ended up in Phi Mu!

Yay!! Congrats!!! I have some friends who are Phi Mu also. xox


Alcohol is the push-up bra for personalities.

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Anonymous said: How can I make Lilly look more wintry?




yearly reminder

Game day in the grove
Different sororities have nothing on this friendship. 💎🐼💎
Rock of ages swap with ΠΚΑ

Anonymous said: But with you reblogging it kind of defeats the purpose? And I don't know why that is getting notes.

I am sorry but I do not know what this message is regarding!! Please be more specific. xox

Anonymous said: Regarding letters, what I meant was when I was Greek you spent a semester as a pledge and were not permitted to wear letters until you earned them and were initiated. It's only mid September, you either sign up and get initiated or have the shortest pledge period ever. This isn't a knock on you at all, I'm just curious if that's the way they do it at Ole Miss?

For Alpha Delta Pi, I can wear my letters but I just cannot wear the crest. However, for another sorority on campus they cannot wear their letters at all and neither can any of the pledges in fraternities! 

itsjust-emxo said: GASP! YOU WENT HOME TO ALPHA DELTA PI!! Ahhhh! Congrats sister!! - from a fellow ADPi from Canada! <3

Thank you sista!!!

Rock of ages 🎤
ADPi takes on rock and roll

Southern girl problems:

Am I attracted to him or his truck?

I have the best soRAWRity💎