Classy, Sassy and Republican

I only drink out of red solo cups because blue reminds me of liberals.

Oasis - Wonderwall


wonderwall // oasis

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I’m sort of obsessed (at Soho/Greenwich Village, NYC)


I’m sort of obsessed (at Soho/Greenwich Village, NYC)

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Anonymous said: my schools homecoming game is coming up and I'm trying to think of a creative outfit to wear! have any ideas? I did a tutu last year so id like to do something different this year! :)

I would wear colored tights, a tutu, converse and ribbions in my hair!! And don’t forget the face paint. Have fun at homecoming!! xox 

Best friends and good times

Anonymous said: Hey! I don't really shop at Brandy/Free People, and I remember your saying that you buy some of your clothes from FP, so I was hoping maybe you give me some advice. I'm trying to get my friend a birthday gift, and was thinking that a $50ish gift card to Free People can't really buy much (and I don't think you can get a Brandy one online). Would you have any other gift tips for that "style" int that price range? Thank you so much!

You could always give her a gift card to Urban Outfitters! 

Sam Hunt - Break Up In a Small Town
I never thought she would get down with somebody I know,
I guess that’s just how it goes when you break up in small town.

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Anonymous said: Do you know Lydia Varnell and Sarah Roberts?

No I do not.