Classy, Sassy and Republican

I only drink out of red solo cups because blue reminds me of liberals.

•Only one thing better than game day in the grove, game day in the grove with you two.•
That’s so Sigma Pi.  (at ΣΠ date party)

Anonymous said: Do you hunt?

Yes, I’ve been hunting for years.xox

Anonymous said: Why are you not replying to my messages about gay marriage?

Most of the messages I get regarding gay marriage are not questions but people attacking me for having a different opinion. However, when I do get the occasional question and not hate message I like to respond to them privately. I am also just tired of getting the same question over and over again and having people criticize me for sharing my opinion on my blog. 

htenoodleincident said: Whatcha' think about classical-liberals? Pretty classy, huh?

I don’t follow that blog! Sorry. xox

Anonymous said: do you think i'd have more of a chance of getting into a sorority next year if i have blonde hair ? lol

Just be yourself and you will get into the sorority that you are meant to be in. 

Anonymous said: Where do you get light, fall jackets for cheap?

You can try TJ Maxx, Target, any department store, J crew Factory, online stores like piper lime, Rue la la, Gilt. xox

Anonymous said: why are you republican?


I am a republican because I believe that the strength of our nations lies with the individual. I also believe that free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative have brought economic growth and prosperity to this country. I believe that the government should allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn. I believe that the proper role of the government is to provide for the people only those critical functions. 

TBH…I miss my best friend more than anything. Can’t wait for what the future holds for you 💗

Anonymous said: How tall are you?


Anonymous said: I'm with you on not supporting gay marriage! It's totally unfair that nobody respects my opinion on it when I respect their's! That other anon was just rude -love your blog!!

Thank you! People don’t have to agree with me but all I ask is for respect. Xox

Proud to be a rebel.

Love the man, love the music and obviously love Tennessee. :)


Love the man, love the music and obviously love Tennessee. :)

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